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Welcome to Droidrunner
Droidrunner is in open beta, feel free to create an account and play until further notice.
Droidrunner is a free web strategy game where the goal is simple,
manage yourself to become a droid king.
To succeed doing that you need to co-ordinate your droid infrastructure so that the productions works smoothly. You need also to protect your hard-working droids against aggressive players and the tough environment.
If you want to take a break from Droidrunner, just park your droid on a safe location and take your time off with no worry.
12 November 2008
Get started and mining

Start guide guide
Click on the step by step picture to see the start guide.

Rendering world view video
Game is best viewed in: Opera then firefox web browsers,
IE 6 can't show CSS sprite and IE 7 and 8 make page flickering while renering the world.

this Project demonstrating:
What you can build together with the web databas manager: BLHTML.
Svenska Download BLHTML in Swedish
English Download BLHTML in English
Feel free to Download BLHTML and build your own database web site.

11 September 2008
New game screens:
world area DRL
inv trade tool

25 Mars 2007
The first Droidrunner screenshots (click the picture to enlarge)

Game screens:
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