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Command icon bar:

The world view:
Click on yourself to enter "area view".
Mouseover information:
Droid name; Show Coordinates
HP bar; Show your health status.
Battery bar;
Show when you gain the next energy and how much last move cost.
0.0732 is how long time page took to create
Area view:
When you click on yourself in "world view" you enter the "area view".
Some area doesn't have any mining spot at all. Other has.
On higher level areas you can kill players that are mining ore so you can conquer his valued mining spot he doesn't deserve.

Click on the item image in inventory bag and you try equip the item,
if item can't be equipped then it drops on the ground.
Click on the item information text in the inventory bag and you drop item on the ground.
Click on the black: A, B, C and x in the slot table to try unequipping all equiped items.
All item on the droid drops to the ground if it's self-destruct.

Droid list:
In the droid list view you see all your droid health status.
You can arrange the droid order in the droid list by name your droids
and mark the checkbox: "sort your droids by name".

Trade view:
If you drop objects on the ground, other player in the area can then also take your items. To avoid been that nice to other player, use the trade function to move your items safely!

Tool view:
Click on the red tool icon to use tool.
Blue tool icon unequip your items.

If you can't build the next level droid:
Build more storage for your building droid.
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